• Directed Capital: Non-Conventional Approach to Solving Commercial Real Estate Lending and Investing

    Directed Capital is an opportunistic real estate finance firm that strategically acquires, originates, manages and repositions commercial loans. The firm develops practical, effective loan workout solutions to help borrowers re-access traditional financing channels and provide investors with superior returns uncorrelated with the market. Directed Capital Advisors, LLC is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

    Firm Overview

John W. Savage
Managing Director, Senior Housing

John W. Savage
Managing Director
Senior Housing

Mr. Savage is responsible for directing and managing the company’s effort to identify, underwrite, purchase and originate Senior Housing mortgage loan assets in the senior living industry for the company’s various funds.

In his prior role as Director of Asset Acquisitions, Mr. Savage managed and directed a team of analysts and portfolio managers whose job was to identify, underwrite and purchase commercial mortgage loans on the secondary market. He oversaw the underwriting and pricing of more than $3 billion in commercial mortgage loans and successfully acquired approximately $800 million. During this time, Mr. Savage developed the platform upon which the company strategically identified underperforming senior living properties and has either acquired the debt or financed the acquisition of such assets. He has underwritten over $200 million in senior housing assets, and purchase or financed $125 million since 2007.

Before joining Directed Capital in 2001, Mr. Savage was a litigation attorney and venture capital analyst. He has 15 years of experience in mortgage acquisitions and workouts, real estate investments, property management, as well as 8 years of experience in the finance and acquisition of senior living assets.

Mr. Savage received his Masters of Business Administration from the University of South Florida, Juris Doctorate from Birmingham School of Law, and Bachelor of Arts from Hampden-Sydney College. Mr. Savage also holds a Florida Real Estate License and Florida Mortgage Broker’s License.