• Directed Capital: Non-Conventional Approach to Solving Commercial Real Estate Lending and Investing

    Directed Capital is an opportunistic real estate finance firm that strategically acquires, originates, manages and repositions commercial loans. The firm develops practical, effective loan workout solutions to help borrowers re-access traditional financing channels and provide investors with superior returns uncorrelated with the market. Directed Capital Advisors, LLC is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

    Firm Overview


Directed Capital works diligently in finding and acquiring assets meeting its specific loan criteria. With the knowledge, experience and expertise to quickly identify sound investments, the firm has the freedom to act quickly, without the obstructions of bureaucratic procedures and red tape. Bids and offers are submitted to the sellers of the loans or their representatives either through sealed bid auctions or negotiated prices. When awarded bids, Directed Capital enters into purchase agreements with the sellers of the loans in order to close the transitions and acquire the assets.

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