• Directed Capital: Non-Conventional Approach to Solving Commercial Real Estate Lending and Investing

    Directed Capital is an opportunistic real estate finance firm that strategically acquires, originates, manages and repositions commercial loans. The firm develops practical, effective loan workout solutions to help borrowers re-access traditional financing channels and provide investors with superior returns uncorrelated with the market. Directed Capital Advisors, LLC is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

    Firm Overview

Asset Management

Our portfolio managers have a breadth of experience developing loan workout solutions. We work to gain trust, establishing a solid working relationship with our borrowers. We are creative and considerate in the solutions we develop, providing value to the borrower and our investors at the same time. Loan payment history, the borrower’s credit, the value of the collateral and the overall condition of the collateral are all factors when determining the appropriate workout strategy. Evaluating situations with distress and issues, as well as developing a plan to get the borrower back on track so they can re-access traditional financing channels are key tasks. Potential scenarios include:

  • Borrower agrees to pay according to the terms of the obligation
  • Loan restructuring is accomplished through loan modifications and forbearance agreements
  • If the borrower is unable to meet an acceptable repayment schedule, we work through a collateral liquidation aimed at selling the property.